Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[PROOF ADDED] Trick to get 100 RS Amazon GV at just RS 44 [UNLIMITED TRICK]

Hi Friends,

I am back again on the blog with an exclusive trick by which you can get 100rs Amazon GV at Rs 44. Also you can do this unlimited times (Unlimited here depends on number of sim cards you have ;) ).


In this method you just need two applications:

1. PayZapp

How to get 100 rs GV??

1. First Download Both these apps from playstore.

2. Sign up in Payzapp app with referral code rk4help
3. Sign Up in DOBOZ app. 
4. After signing up in DOBOZ, you will see AMAZON GV Banner there

5. Click on it and select Amount as 100.

6. Click on Pay Now and select Wallet as your payment option then select Payzapp.
(Before clicking Payzapp make sure that you have added 98 Rs in Payzapp Wallet).

7. Now After you click on PAYZAPP, A notification will come in your phone's notification panel. Click on it and click on Accept. Now the payment is successful.

8. You must have got your 100 Rs AMAZON GV.

9. Now visit amazon website or app and add Amazon voucher which you have just purchased into your account.

Now Lets do calculation...

i. You will get 50rs back in your Payzapp wallet within 24 hrs.
ii. You got 2rs discount.
iii. Check DOBOZ, there will be 4rs added.
iv. In Total (100-2-4-50) = 44


The More GV you want, the more new created payzapp account you need.

And everytime you create account on Payzapp... Randomize IMEI, Android ID and other data in Xprivacy or Device Emulator...

The Secret part of this trick.... You can transfer 50rs cashback amount to another Payzapp account.



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