Monday, October 31, 2016

Use More than One Whatsapp Account Simultaneously in a Single Device

Today I'm going to share a Cool Trick by which you can use more than One Whatsapp Account in One Device and Simultaneously you can get all the msgs in all accounts.

Now You will be able to Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in same Device at the same time.  In other words you will be able to Activate Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on your same android phone without using Switch Me or any other Rooted app.

The Best part of this tutorial to Activate four WhatsApp Account on Same Smartphone is that you need Not to be rooted! This tutorial to activate multiple whatsapp works for both Rooted as well as NON Rooted android smartphones! Now on lets call it as QUAD WHATSAPP ON SAME SMARTPHONE.

Let me quickly tell you how Multiple WhatsApp Work On Same Android Phone:

We actually gonna install 3 more whatsapp apart from Original Whatsapp which will indeed result us to install 4 whatsapp account in all on same android phone. So please follow step to step method which is easy to go on! Do not forget to share this article as token of thanks to the developers who had really worked hard to meet the ends!

Our Tutorial to Use Multiple WhatsApp on Same Android Phone is achieved via using:
  • Original WhatsApp (Stock)
  • Latest GBWhatsApp
  • Latest GBWhatsapp+
  • AZWhatsapp
Procedure to Install 4 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone or Quad WhatsApp :

  1. Take backup of the current Whatsapp in order to be on safe side. But it is not compulsory.
  2. First of all download the WhatsApp packages from the link which consists of latest GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp+, AZWhatsApp. Hope you can install original WhatsApp manually from here.
    1. Download Latest GBWhatsApp from Here
    2. Download Latest GBWhatsApp+ from Here
    3. Download Latest AZWhatsApp from Here
  3. Now One By One Install Each and Every Alternative of WhatsApp, i.e Latest GBWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp+ and AZWhatsApp.
  4. Once installation is done, then simply activate each WhatsApp account with different numbers and you are done!

Multiple WhatsApp Account or 4 Whatsapp Account on Same android phone will help you cope with Your Office, Your Family, Your Ex, Your Future Mate 😉Therefore share the love 

This is it. In this manner you have successfully installed Multiple WhatsApp account on Same Android Phone or 4 WhatsApp accounts via same phone! Do not forget to share this article in order to help the world out there struggling to update to latest GBWhatsApp! If you are struck anywhere then feel free to comment and hence we will be at your service. This is the all you need latest GBWhatsApp and other whatsapp that will enable you to get the exact thing you looking over the web.


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