Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Uber Email Verification Error Solution

Uber Email Verification Error Solution

Many of you might have encountered Email verification error while applying promocodes in uber app after registeration. This error usually comes in rooted devices. Today I'm going to show you a trick for not getting this error.

Steps to avoid getting this error:

  • You must use a Valid email address for creating accounts. 
  • You must properly hide your root using Rootcloak (if Rooted).  
  • You must follow our page on Facebook.

  • You can use dot(.) or Plus(+) trick in gmail for creating unlimited number of valid email addresses using a single gmail account. 

  • If you dont know Gmail Dot(.) or Plus (+) trick, comment here. I will add this trick soon if comments are received. 

  • Valid Email Address also includes temporary email address in which emails can be delivered.

You can use this trick to avoid getting Email Verification Error while applying promocode.

Stay Tuned for getting more such tricks.


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